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5 Phases of every DIY project
1 October 2022 No Comments

5 Phases of every DIY project

Always go through these 5 phases for your next DIY project! Skipping one can sound tempting to save time, but it is usually never af good idea!

13 August 2022 No Comments

How to build a Home Bar on a budget

Have you always wanted to build a home bar, but always thought it was too difficult or expensive? Well, I can tell you that it is neither! I want to show you how to build a home bar on a budget, and you can do the same by following this step på step guide.

25 July 2022 No Comments

5 Tips to save money on your DIY project

DIY is the best way to save money on a home project! But you can do even more than that! Following along for the 5 best tips on how to save money on your next DIY Project!

12 July 2022 No Comments

Dog House Build in 6 easy steps

Dog House Build - Does your dog deserve a new house inside your home? Here are 6 easy DIY steps to a modern Dog House Build!

DIY Hallway makeover
11 July 2022 No Comments

DIY Hallway makeover

Do you want to see how we did a Complete DIY hallway makeover, for less than 300$? Then following along these 6 simpel steps!

Save Time on your DIY Project
7 July 2022 No Comments

5 Tips To Save Time On Your DIY Project

Time is valuable thing in the modern world, and DIY Projects can sometimes be a long process! Here are 5 Tips to save time on your DIY Project!

New York Loft Syle Home Office
7 July 2022 No Comments

New York Loft Style Home Office

A New York Loft Style Home Office, in the middle of Copenhagen? Not the most typical thing to find, but we are getting closer and closer. If you want to see how we have done it so far, and get inspired yourself, follow along!

14 February 2022 No Comments

DIY Industrial Glass Wall

Have you wanted to created a DIY Industrial Glass Wall, but never knew how, and alway thought it is way too expensive! What if I told you that we have found a way, that EVERYONE can use, and that is crazy CHEAP! Read on, this will blow your mind

Planning your DIY Project
13 February 2022 No Comments

Planning your DIY Project

Planning your DIY Project can both save you time and money, and in the end give you a much better result! Here is. how the planning phase could be done!

How much to build a walk in closet-notext
13 February 2022 No Comments

How much to build a walk in closet

Ever wanted to build a walk-in closet, but dont know the costs of it? Here is breakdown of all our expenses from our DIY build.

DIY Brick Wall
13 February 2022 No Comments

DIY Brick Wall

Have you always wanted to create a DIY brick wall, but never knew where to start? Just follow these 6 simple steps, and you will be the new brick wall master!

Handyman Tools
12 February 2022 No Comments

11 Most Essential Handyman Tools

Every DIY Handyman needs tools! But have you ever wondered what the most essential handyman tools are? Here is our opinion!

Building a walk in closet in basement
11 February 2022 No Comments

Building a walk in closet in basement – step by step

Always wanted to be building a walk in closet in a basement, but never really dared to do it? Here is your complete step-by-step guide!

Floor Plan
10 February 2022 No Comments

Apartment Floor Plan

The apartment we are currently renovating, has a very funky layout. Watch the floor plan and see a video of the apartment as it was the day we saw it first.

Home Redesign App - RoomSketcher
10 February 2022 No Comments

Best Home Redesign App = Roomsketcher

Are you the visual type that would love to SEE your redesign ideas before build them? You are not alone, and luckily we've found the Best Home Redesign App!

Cupboard design for small bedroom
9 February 2022 No Comments

Cupboard Design For Small Bedroom

Follow this simple step-by-step guide and learn how we created the perfect cupboard design for our small bedroom.

diy floating kitchen shelves
8 February 2022 No Comments

DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves

This very simple step-by-step guide will teach you how to build the perfect DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves (everyone can do it)

7 February 2022 No Comments

DIY Small Walk In Closet

Here are 9 DIY Small Walk In Closet Designs, that you can use for your own inspiration!

Educated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master in Finance and Strategic Management. Organizing jedi and a never stopping idea creation machine. Home cooking professional and wine lover. Born 50% Swedish and 50% British.

Annie Barry

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm

PGA Teaching Professional (golf-instructor) and co-owner of Denmarks biggest golf-teaching business. Self taught handyman (with help from dad and grand-dad), usually skips the planning phase and go straight to building things. Cocktail entuathiast and NOT the home-cooking type.

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm