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New York Loft Style Home Office

New York Loft Syle Home Office

New York Loft Style Home Office

New York Loft Style Home Office

A New York Loft Style Home Office, in the middle of Copenhagen? Not the most typical thing to find, but we are getting closer and closer. If you want to see how we have done it so far, and get inspired yourself, follow along! 
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80 Working hours

The area before

So this is how the loft area looked when we moved into the apartment. The room it is located in is more than 4 meters from the floor to the top ceiling, and to utilize the room the best, the previous owners had build this loft area. We wanted to spice it up, and since we both love the New York Loft Style vibe, we decide to try and create that feeling in our home office. 
The loft area is around 2,2 m from wall to handrail, and 3,4 meters on the long side. The floor was a wooden floor, which cold be cool but the type and color of the wood was not what we where looking for at all. 

Step 1: Sandpaper the floor and add paint

Using a circular grinder, we grinede down the top layer of the floor, and afterwards we gave it 3 layers with white floor-paint. 

Step 2 - Build office table

Afterwards we wanted to create a cool office desk-table. We had an older plank of wood stored, that we in a previous home had use as table, and we decided to use it for the office table, since we loved the color and type of wood. 
To spice up the design, we came up with the idea of letting the table run all the way to the floor, so the table top is actually used as a leg for the table. So we cut the wood with a circular saw with a cut angle of 45 degrees, and then we mounted it together with small iron angles underneath the table. 
We attached the table on the wall by putting square of wood on the wall, that the table then is resting on, and screwed into it from underneath. 

Step 3: From chaos to less chaos!

Afterwards we really liked the table and idea of the office design, but it was a mess with a bunch of thing laying around. Wa later on solved this issues by getting a small drawer for all our small office things such as paper, writing tools, wires etc. 

Step 4: Add New York Loft Style to the home office

To give the the room a  New York Loft Style Home Office vibe, we decide to remove the outer layer of the wall, to expose the brick underneath. 
A hammer-drill with a flat head was amazing for this job (way better than the manuel way as seen on the picture)
Well now we were getting closer to get the right vibe! 

Step 5: Build a New York glass wall

But we never really liked the handrail, and had a crazy idea. Industrial glass walls! (You can ready a full article about the DIY Industrial Glass Wall right here) 
So we took down the handrail, and started the build of the glass wall! 

Step 6: Add some nice furniture and there we go!

And that was the final part of the build! 
We went shopping and found a wonderful chair, a carpet, and a lovely drawer that we put under the table, and we felt like we managed to get the New York Loft Style Home Office that we had dream of. 

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