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5 Tips To Save Time On Your DIY Project

Save Time on your DIY Project

5 Tips To Save Time On Your DIY Project


Save Time on your DIY Project

Are you ready to save time on your DIY Project?

Then you have come to the right place!

1) Have an overall plan of the different building phases

Make sure you have given to whole building process a lot of thoughts. Plan in which order you will do the different things. Should you paint first, and while the paint dries you can prep the next phase, or what is the smartest order to do things in.

2) “Batch up” elements

Let’s say you are putting up 6 cupboards, and need to put them together before hanging them up. It’s better to put all 6 cupboards together at once, and then hang all of them up afterwards, since you will get to know the process and have all the tools ready at once, instead of going back and forth between different processes and tools (See how we did that in this article).

3) Shop everything you need at once

Make a shopping list so you can buy everything you need at once! Your overall project plan needs to be detailed enough, so you know all the things you will need during the building phase.

4) Ask a friend to make difficult things easy

Some tasks are almost impossible to do alone. Instead of trying to find a solution to do it on your own, ask a friend or family to help, and have everything prepped. A simple 20 minuts of help from another person could save you many hours.

5) Dont work when you are tired

When you are tired you are more likely to make mistakes and loose the overall view of the project. It’s better to stop 30 minuts earlier than keep going and make one mistake that will cost you several hours.

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