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5 Phases of every DIY project

5 Phases of every DIY project

5 Phases of every DIY project

5 Phases of every DIY project

Always go through these 5 phases for your next DIY project! Skipping one can sound tempting to save time, but it is usually never af good idea!

1.Inspiration research

First phase is the research phase. Use Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook, websites and  go to stores to come up with great ideas and see how other people have designed their projects.

2. Actual planing

When the overall idea is finalized, start the actual planning. Start measuring and drawing your design, either in a drawing program, free hand og using a 3D software. Also make sure to go through what materials you need, and where the building proces stats and ends.

3. Go shopping

Now it’s time to go get all the stuff you need. From furniture, paint, tools and everything else you need for your project. The better planning you have done, the easier it’s gonna be.

4. Raw building

Now the actual building process starts. First all the bigger raw building should be done. Make sure you have thought the process through, and do the right things at the right time.

5. Fixing details

Now it’s time to fix all the smaller details. Apply paint, fix small mistakes in the raw build, and make everything look smooth and nice!
5 Phases of every DIY project

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