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Dog House Build in 6 easy steps

Dog House Build in 6 Easy Steps

The overall idea with the dog house

Using the space+copying the existing style in the room! 
From the couch-area up to the dinning room we have stairs, and under the stairs we had just dead space. Since we had decide to get a dog, we came up with the idea of build a bog house in this area. Since we spent a lot of time creating a NY Loft Style vibe in the room, we wanted to go for the same look for the doghouse. This is how we did it:
Total price
$ 0
Estimated time
15 Working hours

Step 1: Build the front window

Since we love the NY Glass walls, and already had them in the room, we wanted to create something similar. 
First we crated a wooden frame to fit the window inside. 

Step 2: Paint and cut the window

Then we painted all the wood black, and cut out a piece of plexiglass to fit in the frame. The plexiglass we found in a store (find link here), just a 3mm version, and we used the multi-cutter tool to cut it in the right size. Again the multi-cutter tool is THE BEST! (See the 11 Most Essential Handyman Tools here)

Step 3: Time to create a “brick wall” with a window inside

This was a fun task! Not something you get to do every day. Trying to build a “brick wall” with a NY Style Glass window inside, for a dog 😀 
First we cut out a plate that would be the wall. Inside the wall we cut a hole for the window. 
Then we applied some brick-wall wallpaper, and finally we added plexiglass and a black-painted wooden frame. 

Step 4: Add a door-frame

Around the door we build a door-frame and painted it black. We used blackboard paint since it has a nice mat finish. 

Step 5: Add a light for the dog

Nicolai came up with the crazy idea of making a light for the dog, the could be turned on/off from inside the doghouse, with a big switch. 
For the dogs safety all the wires needed to be well hidden so a curious puppy would be able to acces the wires. 

Step 6: Make a cozy and wholaa!

Some final adjustments inside the house, a cozy dog-bed and some blankets, and there we go!