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DIY Hallway makeover

DIY Hallway makeover

DIY Hallway Makeover

Do you want to see how we did a Complete DIY hallway makeover, for less than 300$?
Then following along!
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40 Working hours

This was what the hallway looked like before we did anything

The previous owners had left a big closet in the middle of the hallway, to have storage space and also to cover up the electricity controlling board. But the closet made the room so much smaller than it actually is, so we decide to do a complete DIY Hallway makeover. 

Step 1: Choose color

We wanted to paint the whole hallway, and as usual finding the right color is not that easy! It took 4 tests colors before we finally found the right color, a green/grey olive color. We found the color in our favorite store,  Bauhaus!

Step 2: Remove old furniture

The second step was to remove the closet in the middle of the hallway. After a bit of wrestling around with the closet, we managed to get it free! Already then the room felt so much bigger! We gave damaged areas on the wall a bit of filler and some basic white paint. In a process like this, its important to have a good selection of tools! If you dont know where to start in your tool collection, here is a list: 11 Most Essential Handyman Tools

Step 3: Paint

After clearing the room we started painting! 2 layers of paint did the job! We absolutely loved the color we had chosen, and the room completely changed character! 

Step 4: Build furniture

After having removed the old big closet, we need something else for storage. After many hours of research we found 2 pieces of furniture form Ikea, and bought them second-hand for very cheap price. A drawer for shoes / keys and everyday stuff you need by the hand leaving the house, and a combined bench/drawer. The bench function we wanted to use for taking shoes on/off, and the big drawer we wanted because our work-bags always ends up in weird places when we come home from work. Now they would have a dedicated space. 
We also wanted to cover up the electricity control board, so we build a frame around it with some leftover wood we had laying around. 

Step 5: Adjust furniture to hallway!

Both the bench/drawer and the higher drawer needed some adjustments to fit better in the hallway. Some small cuts in the furniture and the list around the floor did the job! 

Step 6: Front of drawer

Annie came up with an amazing idea for the front of the big drawer under the bench. She bought 400 wooden ice-sticks, and started creating a herringbone pattern in the middle of the front of the drawer. She also added the green color we used in on the hallway walls, and OMG, the result turned out amazing! It did take quite some time, but the final result was all worth it!
It did take quite some time, but the final result was all worth it!

Final result!

We painted the rest of the bench in the same green color, and created a little place to hag our jacket, and put hats/small bags. 
And here is the final result!