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Brick Wall

DIY Brick Wall

DIY Brick Wall

DIY Brick Wall - 6 easy steps

Have you always wanted to create a DIY brick wall, but never knew where to start? Just follow these 6 simple steps, and you will be the new brick wall master!
DIY Brick Wall - Before-after
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5 Working hours

Step 1: Test your wall

Test if it actually is a brick-wall 🙂 Cover the floor well, cut a little opening in the TAPET, and with a hammer and nail remove the outer layer of the wall. 

Step 2: Check larger area

After a succesful first test, we decided to open up a larger area of the wall. 
We liked how the wall looked underneath, and we diced to go for it! 

Step 3: Dust protection

We very quickly realized the process created a lot of dust, so we tried to built a dust-shield, unfortunately without the biggest succes. 
Do also remember to protect yourself with mask and glasses. 

Step 4: Use a hammer-drill and go crazy

After trying to cover for dust, the process started for real. Using a drill-hammer with a flat head made the process a lot quicker! Even though the Hammer Drill is not on ourr list of 11 Most Essential Handyman Tools, it was in this situation AMAZING to have!

Step 5: Steel-brushing the DIY Brick Wall

After removing all the out parts of the wall, it was time to brush of the brick wall with a steel brush. This is done to take away the heavy parts of dust.

Step 6: Wash with water and done!

Wash the wall with water and a plastic brush, and whola, now you have a brick wall. You can also add a “sealing” paint the will make sure the wall doesn’t dust every time someone touches it
DIY Brick Wall

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