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Best Home Redesign App = Roomsketcher

Home Redesign App - RoomSketcher

Best Home Redesign App = Roomsketcher

Best Home Redesign App = RoomSketcher

Are you the visual type that would love to SEE your redesign ideas before build them? You are not alone, and luckily we've found the Best Home Redesign App!
Before we start any of our projects, we find it very important to be able to test out different ideas and visualize them, before actually building it in the real world. Therefor we had to find the best Home Redesign App.

We tested different 3D softwares out, and landede on a program called RoomSketcher. 
Overall UI RoomSketcher
A free version of the program is available, but to get more customizations options, we bought the VIP version for only 49$ / year. It has been worth any penny and way more! 
The overall UI is not super tricky to undestand. After a few hours of playing around, it is very easy to create whatever design you want. Start out by creating the floorplan, with walls, windows, doors and the different rooms.
Projects with floors
You can have different projects, and under each project you can have many different floors (or the same floor but different versions of your design, we had probably 20 different versions of the basement saved)
For each floorplan you can specify the rooms measurements (wall height, type etc)
When you have the rooms set, you can start playing around with adding furniture. There a quite some options, and if you buy the VIP version of the software there will be even more. WE think you can even buy furniture bundles to upgrade your furniture library. But for us the library in the pro-version of the saftware was good enough. 
You also get to choose all kind of different materials, for both furnitures and walls/ceilings/floors. By one click you can change the floor in the whole apartment, and see how it looks, so smart. 
Home Redesign App - RoomSketcher
And whenever you have created a room that you want to visualize, you just click 3D, and a 3D world appers of the room. You can navigate around in the room, look in all directions and place yourself wherever you want. 
The program also offers to show this 3D look in a browser version so you can sent a link to friends and family and get their opinion. 
Browser sim
And if you want to see how big a room is relative to a human being, in the browser version you can actually walk around int he apartment with an avatar, and check how the different dimensions works with a human being in the room. Almost like the game SIMS 🙂 
We love RoomSketcher and for our needs this is the Best Home Redesign App we have been able to find, for an affordable price. 

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