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DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves

diy floating kitchen shelves

DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves

DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves

Extra shelf space in a kitchen is always useful, and this very simple step-by-step guide will teach you how to build the perfect DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves.
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Step 1: Cut of the shelf

First we cut out the shelf from a simple leftover piece of MDF plate. We measured the dimensions of the corner the shelf would hang in, and cut the plate in a an appropriate size, using a simple hand saw. 
MDF Plate

Step 2: Attach angle irons

Underneath the MDF we attached 3 small angle irons on the wall. We used small ones to hide them as much as possible, to create the floating look of the shelf. The angle irons where attached to the wall using small wall-plugs. 
Angle irons

Step 4: Rounding of corner

We wanted to have the outer corner rounded so if someone walks into the shelf, they don’t walk straight into a sharp corner. Using the Multi Cutter tool it took no time to cut away the corner and sandpaper it for a nice finish. 

Step 5: Painting

Before attaching the shelf to the angle irons we painted the shelf in a gray color, and we painted the angle irons white, so it looks like they are a part of the white wall. This creates the floating look of the shelf. 

Step 6

Lastly we used small 13mm screws to attach the shelf to the metal angles, and whola, there we go. 
diy floating kitchen shelves
And there we go! A very fast and simple way to create your own DIY Floating Kitchen Shelves!
Shelf done

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