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DIY Industrial Glass Wall


DIY Industrial Glass Wall

DIY Industrial Glass Wall

Have you ever wanted to created a DIY Industrial Glass Wall, but never knew how, and always thought it is way too expensive! What if I told you that we have found a way that EVERYONE can use, and that is crazy CHEAP! Read on, this will blow your mind…
Total price
$ 0
Estimated time
25 Working hours

Step 1: Order glass shower walls

We searched the internet for the cheapest solutions to buy New York glass walls, but they where all way above 1000$ each. 
One day we suddenly found Shower Glass Walls, and they where so much cheaper. We found these, for only 212$ each: New York Glass Shower Wall
We ordered 2 of those walls. 
Glass Shower Doors

Step 2: Clear area

Now it was time to start clearing the area where the walls would stand. We took down the handrail, by using an old school handsaw. While building the DIY Industrial Glass Wall we where also fixing a brick wall, you can read about that project in the article DIY Brick Wall.

Step 3: Prepare to install

After removing all unnecessary stuff, it was time to start preparing for installation. Since the loft area where the walls where gonna stand is only 178 cm high, and our glass walls where 220 cm high and 90 cm wide, we had an issue. We where planning to actually have the doors laying on top of each other, which would give us dimensions of the whole wall being 220cm wide and 180cm high. But since the ceiling height is 178cm, we had to cut away 2 cm of the floor to fit the DIY Industrial Glass Wall. 
I used my Multi Cutter tool for this job, cutting from both sides of the edge of the floor. Check out the 11 Most Essential Handyman Tools  to read more about the Multi Cutter Tool, it is AMAZING!

Step 4: Prepare to install part 2

We also needed to do some preparation in the celling, since we had a nice rounded corner with pattern. Again using the multi cutter tool it was not a big hurdle. 

Step 5: Test if the walls fit the space

After finishing all the cutting and clearing out process, we tested if the wall actually fitted correctly, and it did! We put up 2 temporary poles on the outside of the wall to see how everything worked out.  

Step 6: Building a frame to hold the walls

Since we where planning to put the 2 glass shower doors on top of each other, we needed a frame to support them. Luckily with the shower doors we had bought, attachment rails were included. We cut the rails into several pieces, and drilled some holes through them, to be able to attach them in the celling and on the brick wall. 
It required maximum precision in the measuring process, and a ruler and a digital level was a MUST have. 

Step 7: Installing the walls

Moment of truth! We stacked the 2 shower doors on top of each other, and sealed the frame around them by connecting a solid pole between the celling and the floor. 

Step 8: Details

Time to do the final details. We had some leftover wooden sticks that we used to create a simple hand rail, and afterwards we used some filler and sandpaper to fix small cracks and marks in the build. 

Step 9: Paint

Time to paint the wood, and we actually used Black Board Paint, since it has an amazing cool mat black color. 

Final result

This is how it turned out! 

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