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DIY Small Walk In Closet


DIY Small Walk In Closet

9 DIY Small Walk In Closet Designs

During the design process of our DIY Small Walk In Closet, we had many different design ideas. Here is 9 of them! In the bottom you can see how the final result turned out in real life!

The original room

This is a 3D model of our basement, created with the software RoomSketcher (read our full article on RoomSketcher here: Best Home Redesign App

Design 1

First we thought we could move the washing machine and tumble-dryer wherever we wanted in the room. But pipes for the water made it a big project, and therefor this design was skipped.  

Design 2

Another design before we figured we could’nt move the washing machine and tumble dryer. This time we add a little chair in the middle to have a spot to sit down and change shoes etc. 

Design 3

With this design we wanted to build a closet around the washing machine and tumble dyer. That is the brown box you see on the left side. 

Design 4

Similar to design 3, but different colors on the shelves and drawers. 

Design 5

This was a very different ideas, with more cupboards and closets instead of drawers. We felt like it looked a bit massive with all of those high closets. 

Design 6

Pretty close to the design we ended up with, but with very different wood that we used in the final project. 

Design 7

Complete change in wood-color. After inspecting the light in the room we wanted lighter colors of wood. 

Design 8

Similar do design 7, but with different drawer setup. 

Design 9 - The final design

And the final design! We figured that we have pipes running along the right wall, and therefor it would be very tricky to have drawers against that wall. 
Watch the video from the final design

And here is how our DIY Small Walk In Closet turned out in real life


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